Final Cut Pro X

I was very excited about a cheaper option for me to own Final Cut Pro.  I am still in school and don’t have a lot of money laying around to buy programs that cost $1000.  The $300 fits into my budget much easier.
I also really like that the program was not apart of the editing suite.  I do not want to pay for Motion to be completely honest.  I love Adobe’s After Effects and I don’t think I would use motion even if it came free with FCP-X.
A lot of the professionals are complaining that FCP-X can’t open anythin made in Final Cut 7 (final cuts last version) however this is not an issue for me.  This is my first version that I have owned.  When at school I did use Final Cut 7, however I do not have those project files anymore.  I just keep exports and final versions because I used to not have anything to access those files with.  So this will be no different for me.
When I first opened the program I was very confused.  It didn’t really look like any version of Final Cut I had ever used (last three versions).  Some of the features they had added don’t make for an easier workflow, however spread everything out and makes buttons hard to find.
After messing around for an hour or two I could find most of the tools that I needed, and I began to understand the layout. I really hope I can get used to this program like previous versions.
Sometime very soon I will post my thoughts on the program and the actual interface.
By the way this is my first ever mobile update to Sweitzer media.  Could you tell?  Why?

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