Full Review Coming / SweitzerMedia client work

     I have some great news for SweitzerMedia.  I am currently in the middle of my first real client project.  National Bible Bowl asked me (sm) to make a video for them that that will be shown at the NACC (North American Christian Conference).  I have had two days of shooting and and now in post production. 
     I am using Final Cut Pro X for all my editing.  All in all I have found it to be enjoyable to edit with.  It is much different then Final Cut 7 but I have found everything is still there you just have to find where it is.  For those people that said it is not a professionally editor clearly haven’t spent the time to get used to the program. 
     I will post my full thoughts on Final Cut X and some videos of me showing some of the things I have learned to do with the program asap. However the rest of this week will be spent of finishing the Bible Bowl video. I will also update the site with everything I have done for Bible Bowl as soon as it is finished. 
     If you have used Final Cut Pro X let me know.  I want to hear from people who have used it.  Thanks!

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