Monthly Archives: September 2011

Game 01 Buffalo Bills

Well, the regular season opened this year at Arrowhead. No, it wasn’t pretty. No, it wasn’t the game I was hoping for… However I did get to do alot more this game then I ever had. I was really on my own the whole day shooting on the Canon 7d and 5d. I got to shoot time-lapses and lots of video. I learned so much from my first real gameday shoot and I will be able to shoot the next home game quite a bit better. I am very proud of what I did shoot, and I actually got the Jamal Charles TD run on the 24mm wide angle lense. Anyway, here is some of the stuff that I shot at the game…

Redline Chemistry Shoot!

Hey everyone!

I wanted to update the site, but didnt want to write out another novel, so I decided to put together a quick video of some of the footage I have shot when working on the Redline Chemistry shoot with the Kansas City Chiefs.


Thanks everyone for your great feedback so far!