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Road Tested: The Cleveland Browns

This post is a little different then my usual SweitzerMedia post.  Most of the things that I post to the site are things that I have worked on or created, this however was something that I was in.  NFL Films partnered up with the Travel Channel to do an awesome five part series featuring the Cleveland Browns.

One of the few projects that I have actually been on camera in a long while. I feel that I gave a believable performance.

Browns Report: Richardson Looks Back

This is a Browns Report that I cut for This was taken from our end of the year interviews with the players before they leave for the off season. Featured in this report was my favorite player who played for the orange and brown, Trent Richardson

Cut on Avid Media Composer
You can also watch it on here

Browns Report: Redskins Game Preview

A game preview that aired on before the Redskins Game. You can also watch it here

Shot on a Panasonic P2 HD Camera, and edited in Avid Media Composer