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Colts Community Update

Here is my first update of many videos and projects that I will be involved with at the Colts.

Shot on a Sony HD Camera and cut on Avid Media Composer.

Browns Report: Redskins Game Preview

A game preview that aired on before the Redskins Game. You can also watch it here

Shot on a Panasonic P2 HD Camera, and edited in Avid Media Composer

Black Ops II for the PS3

I think that It is really awesome that you can save and upload Black Ops II gameplay videos strait from your PS3 (or Xbox) to youtube. ¬†You don’t have to have a separate program or anything. ¬†Treyarch has done a very good job with the Theater mode and I found it very simple to upload this video.

This was me doing some sniping of my second day of owning the game. I was thinking about adding some gameplay videos to the website in some form or another. I know I will be trying to get some cool gameplay kills and whatnot to upload.

Browns Insider: Steelers Turnover Rollout

This was a short pump piece that I cut for Cleveland Browns Insider. It aired in the Cleveland Market, as well as Akron and Youngstown.

All Footage was shot by NFL Films, edited on Avid Media Composer.

D’Qwell Jackson Mic’d Up

Watch part of an exclusive feature on linebacker D’Qwell Jackson who was mic’d up for the Browns 20 – 14 win over the Pittsburgh Steelers. The full feature aired in Cleveland area markets on the weekend of 12/2.

All Footage was shot by NFL Films, edited on Avid Media Composer.

Giants Game Preview – 10/4

This Cleveland Browns Report aired on the Friday before the browns traveled to MetLife Stadium in New York City to take on the Giants.

Shot all with a Panasonic P2 HD Camera and Edited in Avid Media Composer.
You can watch it on here

Pat Shurmur Visits ‘Browns Daily’

This was a Cleveland Browns Report that I cut for
Head Coach Pat Shurmur visits Vic Carucci on Cleveland Browns Daily.

This was all shot on a Panasonic P2 HD camera and edited in Avid Media Composer